Poomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAM
Poomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAMPoomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAM
Poomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAMPoomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAM
Faculty & Place of practice

Kalari (Place of practice):
The training of Kalarippayattu will be in a scientifically designed hall known as Kalari .

Generally there are two types of Kalari. –

  • Nila-Kalari – Kalari constructed on the surface level.
  • Kuzhi-Kalari - Kalari constructed below the surface level.

While constructing a Kalari one have to opt the type of Kalari to be constructed. This will be decided only after considering the temperature variations, pressure variations and the humidity level of that place.

Our Kalari is a typical Nila-Kalari designed by Aramthampuran after considering all the aspects of practice.

Poomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAM


For becoming a master of Kalari one have to undergo continuous practice for years. Apart from other fields of education there is no pre-fixed time limit for one to acquire the skills of Kalarippayattu. All the training and practice in a Kalari will be under the control and strict supervision of a master.

Poomully Aramthampuran was the master of our Kalari for more than 5 decades. His service to the world of Kalarippayattu was incomparable. He trained students free of cost and sometimes he even bears the expenses for their oil, dress and food. His prime disciple was his son Sri.Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad. During old-age Aramthampuran entrusted his charge over the Kalari to Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad who has proven his skill and ability to manage the Kalari.

Today, Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad is managing the Kalari by providing regular training to the students in the ‘Poomully Method of Practice’, designed by Aramthampuran.

Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad

Know more about Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad was born at Poomully Mana, in 1953. Aramthampuran joined him at Lawrence School in Lovedale. He has extra-ordinary remarks in all physical events and games. He practiced Gymnastics during his school days. During vacation he used to practice Kalari under Aramthampuran. Later he joined Srikrishna College,Guruvayoor for graduation. It was in the age of 16 Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad started regular practice under Poomully Aramthampuran. His inborn talent in physical activities did not restrict him only in Kalarippayattu. He participated in all form of physical events in college as well as in University. His University record in Discus throw remained unbeaten for a period more than 25 years, which is the longest period for beating a University record, in the history of Calicut University.

For Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad Kalarippayattu was not just his tradition, it was his passion. It was only to Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad, Aramthampuran taught all the lessons of Kalari and the formulation of Nil-burn Oil, an effective medicine against all types of burn injuries.

One can develop his skills in Kalarippayattu in three ways:

  • From his master.
  • From his regular practice.
  • From training of talented students

Thirteen years of regular training not only developed Narayanan Namboothirippad, it was another opportunity for Aramthampuran to develop various aspects of Kalarippayattu, which was unknown to the world of Kalarippayattu.

Expertise in management of captive elephants:
Poomully Mana has a glorious tradition in domesticating elephants. Apart from physical sciences, Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad is an authority in the field of domesticating elephants. Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad once engaged himself fully in the management and maintenance of captive elephants. Late Poomully Ganeshan was the elephant of Poomully family. He has immense knowledge in analyzing the character of an elephant from its bodily language (Lakhana) itself.

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