Poomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAM
Poomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAMPoomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAM
Poomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAMPoomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAM

Kalaripayattu is the martial art of Kerala, the oldest and unique system of its kind in the world still in existence, encompassing body, mind and the spirit. Being the mother of martial arts, it possesses the cultural legacy of this country. Kalari is the ‘place of daily training’ and Payattu is the ‘system of practice’. The word Kalari is derived from the Sanskrit word Khaloorika – means – ‘the place of practice’ and it has resemblance with Kalam in Tamil and Payattu as Payarchi.

Poomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAM

The Mythological Origin: Lord Siva is considered the master of dance or as the matter of fact, any organizes disciplined movement done by man. The First dance stances 108 Kiramas depicted by Bharathamuni in his text ‘Natya Sasthra’ are etched on pillars at the 1001 pillar mandap in Chidambaram Temple. Some of these Vadives(postures) are seen only in the text  of Hathayoga. In the world of dance, the extreme ones are seen in the Russian Ballet. Myth mentions Sage Parasurama the discipline of Lord Siva for hurling his axe and creating Kerala. It is said that Parasurama also went to the extent of setting up 4 schools or Kalari’s. These Kalari’s multiplied into 21 and then later became 108 centres of training.
Southern and Northern styles :

Kalaripayattu has two styles since very ancient time

  • Vadakkan Kalari (in the northern part of Kerala).  
  • Thekkan Kalari (in the southern part of Kerala). Thekkan Kalari has close resemblance with Tamil fighting methods like Silambam and Varma Ati which consists of self-defense, unarmed combat and the marma art(which deals with vital points) introduced by sage Agasthya.

In the north of Kerala there existed different schools of practice in the ancient time like Kadathanadan and Thulunadan. Later each one lost its identity and what is now available is the composite modified version, a unique blend of all. This style is very profound and complete by itself concerning all aspects.

Poomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAM

Health definition : Health is the primary concern of this martial art. The word health is not meant for strength alone. Strength, stamina, vitality, speed of the limbs, body control and flexibility are the other faculties of physical health. But health is not a term related to the body alone. Health is a state of well being. It is the equilibrium or harmony of body, mind, intellect and the self. When everything is in balance one can lead a healthy long life. Health is purity - both inner and outer. Inner is of the mind and outer is of the body. Since they are inter-dependent; one reflects upon the other making deep impacts each other.  A healthy mind is in a healthy body. Mind is the driving force and key source of power in life.

The Purpose

  • The prime purpose of Kalaripayattu is to lead a healthy life, well equipped in every sense with the right balance of body -mind relationship.
  • It is a body art to safe guard oneself from any kind of attacks.
  • In the olden times, it was the warfare to protect the earth and its people from threats and attacks of any kind from the enemies. --  The ultimate purpose of Kalaripayattu was to restore peace in this world with the protection of Dharma annihilating Adharma when it shoots up. Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu”-“may all relish happiness in this world”.
  •  Despite obedience, Kalaripayattu bestows with moral, ethical, social and spiritual discipline; thereby helps to realize the value of life in depth. -- A warrior should get up from his bed in the morning with a mighty prayer to the mother earth -“Padasparsam kshamaswa me”-“Oh mother earth! Please forgive my step with my foot on you”. Kalaripayattu is in obeisance to Godess Durga worshipped as Rana Bhairavi - the Goddess of battle bringing her divine presence - Sannidhya in the Kalari as it being a very sacred place like temple.

Kalarippayattu is something developed and practiced by enlightened souls who realized the art in totality from their inner vision and shared through generations.

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