Poomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAM
Poomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAMPoomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAM
Poomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAMPoomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAM
Location & Advantages

Why choose Poomully Aramthampuran’s Kalarisangham?

Kerala the ‘God’s Own Country

Kerala is located in the southwestern tip of the Indian peninsula and extends between the latitude 10°00 North and longitude 76°25 East.

Kerala is also known as the 'God's Own Country'. Because of the physical and natural attributes it attracts lot of tourists every year from India as well as abroad. Besides the geographical beauty, Kerala has a rich cultural heritage, which fascinates them a lot.

The art and culture of Kerala includes various dance forms, martial arts and medical sciences like Ayurveda. ‘Kalarippayattu’ which is considered to be the mother of martial arts is having its origin at Kerala. Hence Kerala is the ideal location for its studies.

Poomully method of practice

At the Poomully Aramthampuran’s Kalarisangham we offer ‘Poomully Method of Practice’ – which is the most systematic way of Kalarippayattu training developed by Poomully Aramthampuran. You will also get a chance to achieve detailed Knowledge on the ‘Health aspect’ of Kalarippayattu.

A methodical version of Kalarippayattu training, without disturbing its original form, known as ‘Poomully method of practice’, is what we are training here under the strict supervision of Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad.

Excellence in teaching and learning

All our masters were experts and authority in the world of Kalarippayattu. With this privilege comes a responsibility for us to provide the highest quality Kalarippayattu training.

While academic strength is a pre-requisite, it does not guarantee acceptance; we are looking for well motivated students who our management feel are well matched for the courses they have chosen.

Even though all students are bound to follow the strict rules and regulations, which this martial art demands during the training period; at the heart of it there is an exciting and stimulating student training centre.

A peaceful student life with healthy habits

Even though the accommodation facility will be arranged in typical Kerala style heritage rooms, with all facilities suited to modern life style, we will make an earnest attempt to teach the student; how to lead a simple and peaceful life well equipped with healthy habits.

Mana campus & nearby locations

The speciality of mana campus includes :  Private gardens, Unpolluted environment, Training place for Kalarippayattu, Ancient temple, Herbal plants & traditional 'Kavus' in its pristine form, Library for ancient manuscripts, Exhibition place for kathakali costumes and traditional bathing facilities.

List of nearby prominent places includes:

  • Guruvayoor temple:- an ancient pilgrim centre – Half an hour drive from Poomully Mana.
  • Punnathur Kotta:- The elephant sanctuary of Guruvayoor temple with more than 50 elephants – Half an hour drive from Poomully Mana.
    For more details visit : http://www.guruvayurdevaswom.org
  • Kerala Kalamandalam :- The first and the largest training institute for the musical and dance forms of Kerala.

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