Poomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAM
Poomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAMPoomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAM
Poomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAMPoomully Aramthamburam's KALARI SANGAM
Poomully Aramthampuran

Poomully Mana

POOMULLY MANA with centuries of cultural legacy, was considered to be the most wealthiest and influential namboothiri family in Kerala. Poomully Mana was reconstructed in the 19th century, by Late Poomully Narayanan Nampoothiripad, the father of Poomully Aramthampuran. The once great landlords in Kerala, Poomully Mana’s members are famous for promoting various Arts and Cultural forms of Kerala.

The Poomully Mana is famous for its Kerala Style of Architectural Design. For centuries Poomully Mana’s name and fame continues, and it has contributed in its own way in preserving and nurturing the tremendous and rich heritage, which is unique to Kerala.

Poomully Neelakandan Nampoothiripad

Poomully Neelakandan Nampoothiripad popularly known as ‘Aram Thampuran’ was born in 1921. He

was a living legend and was an authority in Ayurveda, Hasthyayurveda (treatment for elephants), Kalarippayattu, Yoga and other performing Arts. His expertise in all forms of art and literature and his knowledge in all facets of life gave him the name "Arivinte Thampuran" (lord of Knowledge).

His unmatched knowledge in Ayurvedic science and his selfless and untiring efforts in the treatment and promotions of Ayurveda have been widely acclaimed. .

This can be amply seen by evaluating his efforts in the formulation of ' Nil-Burn Oil', an effective medicine against all types of burn injuries and burn-scars and the works done by him at the Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam, Shornoor, where under his Chairmanship a Research facility for the treatment of Diabetes and Infertility has been established with great success..

Decades ago, when no modern facilities existed in the field of "Visha Chikilsa" (Toxicology), Shri Nampoothiripad had won the respect of many with his curative powers..

Shri Poomully Neelakandan Nampoothiripad was gifted with lot of followers and disciples and the knowledge and Karisma of Aram Thampuran is preserved by his followers and they are passing this for the well being of the mankind..

After the demise of Poomully Aramthampuran a trust was formed by the relatives and followers of Aramthampuran, under the chairmanship of Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad (the son and prime disciple of Poomully Aramthampuran) with the objective of promoting Ayurveda, Kalarippayattu and related art forms. A Heritage Ayurvedic Treatment Centre, named as 'Poomully Aramthampuran's Ayurvedamana',is running at mana with all facilities to suit modern lifestyle, but without losing sight of traditional Values and Principles..

train the unique martial art form of Kerala in the place where the original spirit is kept alive

The Kalarippayattu training centre, which was started by Aramthampuran, sixty years ago, is functioning at mana in the name ‘Poomully Aramthampuran’s Kalarisangham’ by providing regular training to the students from all over the world. A right method of Kalarippayattu training known as "Poomully method of Practice" designed by Aramthampuran is offering with a difference at Poomully Mana under the strict supervision and guidance of Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad.

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